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Miranda; i have a chinese boyfriend.
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EXO as tumblr bloggers
Xiumin: He has a blog set up, but hasn't updated it once.
Luhan: Fandom blogger who pretends to be cool and like he isn't in as deep as he really is. All of the things he says that are intended to sound ironic and/or sarcastic are secretly entirely genuine. He also pretends not to ship seriously but he ships The Thing so hard. He 'likes' your fanfics at 2am and you suspect him to be the one sending all those asks about how to tell your best friend you're gay for them.
Kris: Hipster blogger who posts selfies, text posts intended to make him sound cool and profound but laden with hilarious typos, and uncomfortable anecdotes about his penis (named Mr. Galaxy).
Suho: An allegedly straight blogger who posts more gay stuff than the gay blogs you follow. He captions his posts with comments like "Gay sex is HOT haha jk I like girls... but seriously though."
Lay: Reblogs recipes, drawing tips, and tutorials. He doesn't understand what everyone on this site is so angry about. He hopes everyone on here is getting plenty of rest. He laments about his worries for followers in conversations with his grandmother over tea.
Baekhyun: Fandom blogger who runs a respectable blog dedicated to his favorite celebrity. He knows everything about his bias, and can give his followers answers to any question about the person in question. From time to time he gets himself into trouble by making an offensive comment offhandedly and spends the next three days flooding your dash with his arguments with anons (and Chen. See below).
Chanyeol: HOT GIRLS and that one male celebrity he's randomly super obsessed with. Made one or two ignorant comments when he first joined that still haunt him to this day.
Chen: He would never let his friends know, but online he's not the jokester he is in real life. He's a social justice blogger who, if you step out of line, can always find a way to tell you (in no less than 3 paragraphs) that you need to check your privilege. He has a lot of opinions about things, and he's done his research. Occasionally reminds Chanyeol about that One Thing he posted when he first joined tumblr and why it was problematic.
Kyungsoo: An antifan, dedicated to spreading his hatred of That Guy across all related tumblr tags. (coughantibaekhyunblogcough)
Kai: Posts adorable puppies and other cute, fluffy things. Always does his best to be uplifting to his followers, and posts gratuitously cutesy messages with lots of elaborate text faces. Everyone thought he was a bubbly teenage girl until he was pushed into posting a picture of himself which resulted in widespread follower nosebleeds.
Tao: Fanfic writer who makes up for what he lacks in writing ability with enthusiasm and confidence.
Sehun: Runs the gayest blog you've ever seen. Other than Suho's.
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